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Real Estate Lemon: Day in the Lives of Real Estate Agents in Lagos

Posted by support on April 14, 2021

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Do you ever wonder what goes on in the life of a real estate agent? You’ll find out the answer today.

Real estate agents in Lagos are licensed professionals whom you cannot call overpaid just because they sold your home fast (after all, that is exactly what you wanted). Kidding aside, that is the nature of their job (although, it would be absurd if one concluded this is the only thing we do). Given each day is unique, this provides each real estate agent in Lagos different opportunities and challenges depending on their skill set. Their job ranges from advising clients about the market conditions up to assisting during the process of buying property for sale in Lagos. This kind of job will continue to exist as long as the need for buying and selling homes remains at its peak.

To cut the chase, here’s a question:  what makes real estate agents in Lagos busy? Apparently, the list of real estate companies in Lagos who run into real estate lemons is really long. Now, we’ll tell you how to turn real estate lemons into a sweet pitcher of lemonade.

Task #1: Real Estate Business Management.

When managing real estate business, there are a lot of administrative tasks to consider such as:

  • Update local, international market activity and industry news.
  • Compile documents and records of the state agencies
  • Remind clients about future appointments.
  • Devise marketing plans such as newsletter, fliers and other promotional collateral.
  • Answer emails and phone calls
  • Introduce the business to social media through blogs.

Task #2: Market Yourself, as you Market Homes.

Gaining the trust of clients is a crucial part of being a real estate agent. Being one of the best estates in Lagos, we practice the following: 

  • Be known. Competition in the labor market is really intense. Think of the ways that will help you and your business be known as the type of work you enjoy. Channel your effective marketing plans through websites, blogs, pliers and television. 
  • Less is More.  While networking is proven the best in promoting business, relationship development is another way of generating leads. Be particular with your audience.   
  • Potential Clients. Since most, if not all, rents, buys property for sale in Lagos it is safe to assume that everyone you meet is a potential client. 

Task #3: Meet and Greet Sellers.

Negotiation skills are the innate talent of a real estate agent. Unless they possess this potential, they can never close deals (certainly they can close doors and windows)

  • Identify the needs of the clients. 
  • Discuss all the necessary details of their preferences.
  • Be updated with the current pricing in the local market for reference.
  • List properties.
  • Take photos of the property, inside and out for presentation and advertisement purposes.
  • Present the house properly.

Task # 4: Agents and Buyers.

Negotiate everything on the top of the table. Be guided by the following:

  • Study your potential buyer, might as well, prepare for some questions and questionings.
  • Look up for the listing services that will fit the needs of your clients.
  • Schedule appointments that will suit the time of your client. It will be best to ask for their free time.
  • Negotiate with your buyer. Do not forget to demonstrate skills that will make them purchase property for sale in Lagos

Task #5: Raise personal brand.

Make your brand known and expand your network. 

  • Create a personal real estate website.
  • Work on popularizing your brand through different social media platforms.
  • Host a webinar and networking events that will make a name to your community. 


Here’s an inevitable fact, despite your best due diligence, sometimes, you’ll encounter real estate lemons that can be a huge deterrent to most buyers or renters. Worst case scenario, many novices simply drop the price drastically and beg for someone to take over their real estate disaster. Now, if you ever run into a real estate agent in Lagos, smile and give them two thumbs up. Honestly, those simple gestures could mean a lot.

The Life of A Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

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On a side note, you cannot turn real estate lemons into sweet pitchers of lemonade unless you ping us on Whatsapp. Let’s take this as an opportunity to add some zest to your life! 

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