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Surefire Home Selling Tips from Property List Hub

Posted by support on January 15, 2021

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This house selling guide provides free home selling tips from one of the most experienced real estate agent companies in Nigeria, Property List Hub.

So, are you ready to sell your house? Looking back, 2020 has been a tough year, but we know, you are tougher. The first step towards an adventurous and prosperous new year is selling your home. Figuratively speaking, this can help you turn your life’s lemon into a sweet pitcher of lemonade.

Here’s the thing, no matter how chaotic the world is, selling your house is always a big deal. You might have spent countless time, money, and effort in your home. Now keep in mind that, if selling can help you and your family, it will be worth it. If you are ready to make a move, might as well, want to do it in a smart way. Let’ get started.

Admit it or not, most homeowners who wanted to sell their house immediately come to us, Property List Hub, and say this, “Please help me sell my house fast. I need the money urgently”. Sadly, some are not interested to be assisted by a real estate agent in Nigeria.  Instead, they go online and sign up with an online real estate forum where they can ask a simple question like “I want to sell my house myself. How can I sell it fast?”

This guide serves both homeowners who recognize the role of a real estate agent in Nigeria and a lone ranger who loves doing things by himself.

So, this is it. Keep reading!

Sell your house as if you’re taking your college entrance exam—smartly. 

Home Selling Tips

Free Home Selling Tips from Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

Know the Value of Your House.

Aside from getting your house ready for marketing, one of the first things to know about your house is its market value. This is as important as changing pillowcases every other day, it will prevent you from getting your hopes high about the true worth of your house. In case you are wondering what is the connection to changing the pillowcase here, seriously there is none. You might call us out for being ridiculous, like other homeowners who name their price ridiculously high or low.

You see, everyone wants to protect his/her interest. Bottomline. The more expensive your property is, the longer it stays on the market. So, here’s the catch on these home selling tips. It’s either you call a property evaluator or a property appraiser to assess your house or you can simply use the recent selling price of the same property in your area as a benchmark

Engage Real Estate Company in Nigeria.  

Let’s face it! Aside from staying late at night, real estate agents in Nigeria are selling and renting properties every day. More or less, there is a huge possibility that they can help you sell your property faster than you can on your own.  Their day is incomplete if they haven’t met people in “buy mode”. We hope you are seeing the difference here.

Make your House Marketable.

Appeal to the senses of your potential buyers. Make it sellable. You know what we are meaning to say.

Make Room for Negotiation.

You will not be surprised if we tell you that most homeowners have already their selling price even before approaching a real estate agent in Nigeria, right? Sadly, some neglect the aforementioned market conditions. Regardless of everything, they firmly believe that they can sell it at the price they wish. Now, what if you find a client who is willing to pay in cash but less than what you have in mind? Will it cost you a dime to bend backward a little? Seriously, this is all up to you. It is an hour house, remember?

Close the Deal.  

Clinging to deary things is inevitable. Not to mention, it is a house we are talking about here. You cannot blame your parents or grandparents who are emotionally attached to their house. So, just to put things into their proper places, look back. Remember how broke you are and how much this house would help you move into your family’s next adventure. Please, do not let your emotions ruin everything.

PS. Lemons are given to those who know how to make lemonade. Choose to have a zesty life! Choose Property List Hub!

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