Villas Properties for Sale, Rent or Lease in Nigeria

There are 2 available Villas for Sale, Rent or Lease in Nigeria. Find below the cost variation of Villas in Nigeria.

  • The average price of Villas for Sale in Nigeria is ₦752,250,000
  • The most expensive Villas for Sale in Nigeria is ₦1,500,000,000
  • The cheapest Villas for Sale in Nigeria is ₦4,500,000

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6 Beds
8 Baths
900.00 m2
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5 Beds
5 Baths
Banana Island, Lagos, Nigeria,

Villas Properties in Nigeria

If investing in real estate has crossed your mind, then villas are surely the most promising option. Basically, villas come with all the freedom, security, better lifestyle and the best return value—not to mention, they can also be a steady source of income. Hence, one of the smartest investments in Nigeria today, is investment in villas by the best builders of the place. Although the concept of villa is not that popular in Nigeria, it is gradually gaining prominence in some parts of the country. Aside from the “in-thing”, a lot of people were driven to invest towards this kind of property. It has a lot of advantages over apartments like better lifestyle and return value. One inherent feature of villas is its appreciative value. It is like a one-time big-time investment—you are not just making a simple purchase.

Common Features of a Villa:
The following are just some of the most common features of a villa. But, it may vary depending on the location and size of the villa you chose. But, here are some of the amenities you can enjoy:

  • Private Pool
  • Cinema Room
  • Gym
  • Massage Room
  • Games Room
  • Yoga Room
  • Tennis Court
  • Extravagant Bathrooms

Whether you are looking for a home to own or just after a place to park your money which will bring you better returns, villas in Nigeria are the right choice to place your money in. Property List Hubs offers 6 available villas for sale, rent, and lease in Nigeria. Each property offers world class residential units with latest designs and specifications that will surely meet the expectations of the urban lifestyle. Find below the cost variation of Villas in Nigeria:

A. Villas for Sale in Nigeria

  • The average price of Villas for Sale in Nigeria is ₦752,250,000
  • The most expensive Villas for Sale in Nigeria is ₦1,500,000,000
  • The cheapest Villas for Sale in Nigeria is ₦4,500,000

B. Villas for Rent in Nigeria

    C. Villas for Lease in Nigeria

      If you belong to the population who asks “why not buy an apartment instead of investing in a villa, probably you haven’t had any security concerns. But if you do, take note that villas are gated which will not only guarantee your security but will also give you the freedom of some aesthetic value to it.

      Through the years, we ensure that our valued and potential customers around Nigeria will enjoy a comfortable lifestyle of unmatched quality through quality amenities.

      As we grow old, we tend to work hard to achieve the goals we have set in life. You may have created a list of things you want to do, and perhaps the one that’s included on the list is having your own place to live in. Whether it be a property to rent or a property for sale that you can buy, it feels nice to have a place you can call your own.

      One of the best places we can recommend is Nigeria. It is a place where you can enjoy a vibrant popular culture. There are also a lot of establishments that serve alcoholic beverages that you can enjoy. Moreover, there are also nightclubs, hotels, movie theatres, and of course the tourist spots you can enjoy anytime. Start living your life to the fullest and discover villas from the different cities of Nigeria:

      The Top Cities:

      Other Cities you can check:

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