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Goldmine Behind Real Estate Agents in Lagos

Posted by support on December 2, 2020

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Two of the frequently asked questions by tourists in Lagos are “how to become a real estate agent in Lagos” and “how much do real estate companies in Lagos, Nigeria make? Guess what. The number of people who are interested in becoming estate agents in Lagos is growing exponentially. Now, here’s the question from Property List Hub, one of the leading real estate companies in Lagos, Nigeria: “Why more and more people are becoming interested in becoming real estate agents in Lagos, Nigeria? The reason is simple and quite obvious: Real estate agents in Lagos are paid real estate commission when they take the responsibility of selling the property of the landlord. 

Real Estate Companies In Lagos

The Secret Behind Real Estate Companies in Lagos

The real estate agent’s commission is being calculated as per the percentage of the property price. Alert: commission can be huge! The bottom line: Earning over a million Naira from a single estate transaction is possible—reiterating, it depends on the price of the property that you sold. So, stop wondering why more and more people are growing interest in becoming an estate agent in Lagos.  Well, if you really think you are capable of attracting buyers and closing deals, we assume, you will not mind reading the following steps:

The following steps will take their effectivity the moment you lifted your eyes from reading the section and start making wise moves.

  1. Take real estate sales training. Using the skills gained during the training, selling real estate will no longer appear hard as it was before you took the training sessions. 
  2. Join a reliable real estate company in Lagos, Nigeria—or simply join Property List Hub. We will welcome you with open arms.
  3. Granted, you are given the chance to join our growing team, you are given access to all of the properties under our listings.
  4. Then, for sales promotion purposes, you have to record videos of the estate owned by us, Property List Hub.
  5. Now, after completing the first four steps, you may start selling using the sales strategy you learned from the real estate training manual. 

Here’s the truth. There is a goldmine in any real estate business in Lagos, Nigeria when done correctly. While the possibility of becoming a millionaire is always around the corner, you have to bear in mind the downside of the said business. Real estate companies in Lagos, Nigeria may appear as a shining opportunity to make easy money, opportunities to stumble is also present.

Here are two reasons you should avoid becoming a real estate agent in Lagos. Whereas, it can also be the same reasons that might help you fall in love with the field. Question: Which side are you on?

  1. Flexibility. 

Good Thing:  If you are the type who hates working around 8-to-4 as you fall in love with sitting around the corner nosing around your cellphone. The good news, estate agents in Lagos get t to organize their own schedule depending on the availability of their clients.

Bad Thing: Yes, this might sound music to your ears at first but soon you will realize, hitting the snooze button is way easier than making phone calls, creating marketing and pricing analysis

  1. Money.

Good thing: The best part about earning income as a real estate agent in Lagos is that you get everything you put in. Meaning, your income is limitless. There might some salary certainty, but turns out commissions based on your effort is indeed an opportunity.

Bad Thing: Steady income comes for those who are working for a year or two. If you are a new real estate agent in Lagos, it could take some time until you see your paycheck. 

Yes, real estate is the new GOLD (if done correctly). Now, have you been up late at night, thinking of becoming a real estate agent in Lagos Nigeria? Be part of our growing real estate companies in Lagos.  We can help you search for the financial freedom you have been longing for years. Take a few minutes to consult your queries at [email protected].

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