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Nowadays, things are changing faster than ever in the real estate industry, particularly the property buyers’ attitude. This cause real estate agencies to be more competitive and creative at the same time. The world has become more connected and people rely on the web in finding almost everything they need. For instance, NAR (National Association of Realtors) in the U.S. stated that only 2% of home buyers used the net to look for a property back in 1995. This figure already spiked to more than 95% in 2018.

The same can be said with Nigerian real estate industry. Nowadays, most Nigerian property seekers see the Internet as a starting point for property search. They will ONLY start to look elsewhere if they failed in finding a property that suits their requirement and budget. Hence, the competition among real estate companies are rising as the importance of property listing online can’t be overlooked.

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If you own a real estate agency or if you are a real estate developer, then here are the top benefits you will enjoy in listing a property on one of the best real estate agencies in Nigeria:

1. Quick Growing Source of inquiry

In line with the statistic from NAR in the U.S., more people rely on the web in looking for properties and information. This trend however, is not for United States only, but in almost all of the countries all-over the world. Television and other traditional advertising is in fact, facing a loss of more than a billion dollars for the succeeding years. More advertisement expenditures moves into the internet. Therefore, Many real estate agencies are already utilizing our services, instead of restructuring their existing ad models

2. Dominate Your Area

Even though your agency isn’t the most popular around your area, there is still a good opportunity for you to conquer it with an online listing. You can dominate it even if you have a limited number of personnel or a one-man team, with the power of online listing. Moreover, printed ads like profiles, magazines, newspapers, and others promotes your agency as a professional in real estate agency, not like in online listing, which drives inquiries for your listings.

3. The Internet Provides Quick Processing

Study shows that internet reduces the required time to search for home up to 50%. Same study shows that property-finders states that they are able to simply and immediately start looking for properties through the internet. Online listing also allows searchers to compare properties for sale and to narrow down their options. This means less appointments and less properties to view. Less wasted time for both the agency and the buyer.

Property List Hub is a leading Nigerian online property listing platform. We aim to connect seekers of residential and commercial property for sale or rental across Nigeria with our Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Developers partners. We are a real estate company that also aim to help all the seekers with a better and cost effective way to find the best property that will suit their preferences and needs. 

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For over a year in service, Nigeria Property List Hub delivers an exceptional service no one can do. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the area, the customers’ need, and our drive to deliver nothing but the best. As one of the best real estate agencies, we explore the market trends and make sure that what we have on our list can deliver nothing but our clients’ best interest. Our property listing is currently well-established and recognized not only in the Lagos metroplex but also worldwide.

Today, as technology advancement emerges, our real estate property listings are continuously developing. Besides, we are now utilizing the latest technology to bring better service. This way, property seekers can now invest or buy their desired property at their home’s comfort. However, we encourage property seekers to do a more in-depth verification of their chosen properties and use the resources responsibly.

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