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Here are the frequently asked questions for Nigeria Property List Hub:

Property List Hub is a leading Nigerian Real Estate online property listing platform. We aim to connect seekers of residential and commercial real estate in Lagos metropolis, across Nigeria and abroad with real estate property owners, real estate agents, real estate agencies and real estate developers across Nigeria and abroad. We also aim to help all real estate property seekers with a better and cost effective way to find the best property that will suit their preferences and needs. Additionally, we offer a marketplace for booking short lets of flats, apartments, private rooms, shared rooms, entire homes, and event centres for personal or corporate events.

Nigeria Property List Hub supports the following internet browsers. Older versions can also work, but we recommend to regularly update these browsers to have an optimal experience with our site:

• Microsoft Edge (Windows);
• Chrome 8 or above (Mac, Windows, Linux);
• Firefox 3 or above (Mac, Windows, Linux);
• Internet Explorer 8 or above (Windows); and
• Safari 5 or above (Mac, Windows)

Nigeria Property List Hub displays all the details and information of a property as given by the owner, real estate agent, agency or developer. If you want to know more about it, you can directly email or contact the them as we provide their complete details such as contact phone numbers and emails.

Yes. We constantly work with all our members, and we always make sure that quick responses are given to every query.

Nowadays, most of the home buyers start their search using the internet. By listing your property in our platform, we make sure that we will connect it to thousands of homebuyers across Nigeria and abroad.

With Nigeria Property List Hub, you can view every property available across Nigeria, as well as its information before even meeting the seller. In addition, you can narrow down your search to properties that meet your preferences and requirements. This will save a significant amount of time for both you and the seller.

It’s very easy to upload your listing with Nigeria Property List Hub. You can just sign up with us and upload your listing on the “Add Listing” or “List your Property” sections of our website.

No. You can upload as many listings as you want. We offer a significant number of listings for free. However, we offer unlimited listings and some other special services that may require some nominal fee if you choose to subscribe to one of our paid plans. But, you will certainly enjoy premium exclusive advertising services.

You can upload as many photographs as you want for any of your property listings.

Yes. You can explore the Nigeria Property List Hub website and browse for all the available properties across Nigeria 24/7.

Yes. Our website is available to browse from different parts of the world. You can purchase a property in Nigeria as long as you are able to complete all the required documents and transactions.

Yes. We at Nigeria Property List Hub do all of our best in protecting the image of the real estate industry, our corporate identity, and most especially our clients. We take extra precaution in verifying every listings, agencies, and agent before we approve any property listing from them.

No, you don’t. Here at Nigeria Property List Hub, we allow agencies agents, and other sellers to upload their listings for free. However, we offer some special services that may require some payment, but you will certainly enjoy premium exclusive advertising services if you choose to subscribe to one of our paid plans.

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