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The Ultimate Top 5 Trendy Bathroom Storage Ideas this 2022

Posted by support on October 13, 2022

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Gone are the days when bathroom storage was less prioritized when it comes to room decor and design. This year, this space is the highlight of every house make-overs. If you are used to a boring and non-appealing bathroom, now is the time to change your outlook. Transform your bathrooms into clean, classy, and minimalistic spaces!

Bathroom Storage
The Ultimate Top 5 Trendy Bathroom Storage Ideas This 2022 4


We used to think that bathrooms should remain simple. Usually, its design is plain compared to other parts of our houses. However, 2022 will open our eyes to innovations and house design improvements. The latest trend is to lean on smart ideas to maximize space. It is not too late to join the trend! Check out these top 5 trendy bathroom storage ideas this 2022!

1.  Get rid of bulky cabinets and drawers

      When we talk about storage, we initially think of drawers and cabinets. However, there are other alluring ways to store your essentials without too much space. Bathroom walls can be utilized to maximize space for storage. To do this, remove the bulky cabinets and drawers and opt for smaller racks or baskets

2. Install shelving

    Installing shelves in your bathroom is probably the best trendsetter idea this year. This smart strategy fits any type of bathroom, spacious or not. Even the smallest space you didn’t know could be useful is ideal for shelves. Shelving helps keep your bathroom organized while contributing to décor and style. 

Bathroom Storage
The Ultimate Top 5 Trendy Bathroom Storage Ideas This 2022 5

3. Get hooked with hooks

   Hanging your towels and robes on the wall saves a lot of space compared to folding them. Stick metallic hooks on your bathroom walls and use them to hang others. You can use hooks to hold things like glass wipers, bathroom cleaners, air fresheners, scissors, hairdryers, curling irons, loofas, or bath sponges. Do you know that you can even use decorative hooks as bathroom décor?

4. Use a shower caddy

 A shower caddy makes it easy to tote your shampoo, soap, and other supplies back and forth to your bathroom whenever you need to shower. This is the best space-save item if you share your bathroom with others.

Bathroom Storage
The Ultimate Top 5 Trendy Bathroom Storage Ideas This 2022 6

5. Maximize the space under your sink

   Here’s one thing you should know- the space under your sink can save you a lot! This hack is perfect for smaller bathrooms. You can put baskets and small organizers under your sink to store items that cannot be displayed in your bathroom. 

6. Countertop vanity tray

Trays are one of those must-have bathroom storage ideas—so obvious, yet one of the organizing tips you wish you had known all along. A few things spread out on a counter look messy, but stored on a tray, it looks intentional. This elegant rose, black, and white marble tray makes a statement while giving you a spot to drop things that would otherwise roll off the counter, like lip gloss, or disappear down the drain, like your favorite ring.

Trendy Bathroom Storage: Space-savers are Life-savers

These are just 5 of the latest bathroom storage ideas this 2022. There are many more to be discovered. But one thing is for sure, space-savers are life-savers. It does not only save you from clutter but also from spending lots of money. The good thing is these ideas also contribute to your bathroom’s style and décor. 

I am sure you want to know more about bathroom storage ideas. Do you know that you can use many possibilities to save space? Apartment owners are experts in this aspect.

You can browse the internet for bathroom storage inspiration from apartment owners. And since you’re here, I suggest checking PlistHub. They guide seekers to choose from different apartment types with various house decors and designs.

Who knows, the best bathroom storage idea you have been looking for is on one of their listings. Please go check it out and start space-saving!

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