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Why Tiny Houses are Popular Today

Posted by support on May 18, 2021

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It is no doubt that many apartments and houses that could be seen in different property listings are in demand for their quality nowadays. However, there are much more affordable rental or on sale way of living that is cost-effective but is in trend right now. For instance, tiny homes for sale.

With the growing population all around the globe, most land spaces already have an erected building situated. In this ever-changing world, the need for tiny houses is becoming more and more popular. Most property listing hubs have tiny homes for sale on their web pages. But why is it trending now? How does it differ in getting a regular or big size house?

Tiny Homes for Sale: For a Better Living

Many countries are experiencing the effects of overpopulation. The rise in the number of people is the primary cause of the shortage of land spaces in the area. Also, it is one of the main reasons why countries experience force majeure such as floods. Nigeria is a country that cannot escape this problem. Currently, Nigeria is in combat with a serious and gaping housing deficit. One of the eco-friendly solutions to combat this problem could be seen in placards that say tiny homes for sale. 

Shelter, which is a fundamental human right, is becoming a problem nowadays. To compete with this, the trend of living in tiny houses is currently popular. Although there a stigma that small living condition is associated to being poor, it is not the case here. Living big in tiny houses has become common due to positive benefits that could be gain. 

Minimalistic Designs are In 

Minimalism has become popular throughout the years – be it as a design philosophy or as a way of life. Due to the surge of the Covid Pandemic, the majority of people are now certified, home buddies. Without much work to do, people now tend to redecorate their own house, some rebuilding it from scratch. Moreover, with this explosion of people’s inner interior design is the rise of people wanting to have minimalistic houses. Keeping in mind that simplicity would be the best, minimalistic people tend to have minimalistic designs in tiny houses.

Minimalism is one of the most attractive factors that a tiny home lifestyle could offer. With this way of living, they appreciate their selves and their philosophy much better. Therefore, some people do this with the thought that they are living big in tiny houses.

Beige Sofa Chair Near A Table

Less is More

Consider yourself as someone who is not yet to be a homeowner, what would you think of buying? Fidelity National Financial subsidiary has surveyed about living in tiny houses in this pandemic. The result shows that 56% of 2,006 Americans would consider living in a tiny home.  The majority of the population who consider purchasing tiny homes which are for sale are those who are not yet homeowners. Some who are also considered are those who want to live big in tiny houses as part of their retirement lifestyle. Furthermore, as reported by TinyHouseTalk, South Africa is also embracing the phenomenon of living in tiny houses.

House from Shipping Containers

Logistics are in demand. But, where do old and used shipping containers go? Houses which are built from shipping containers are popular. Although these containers have a specific size, most people, especially those who are tiny house advocates, find this enough. In Lagos, Nigeria, which has a problem when it comes to finding a home to rent or to buy, shipping container houses are in demand. To make houses more affordable, this revolutionary attempt was made. This is converting cargo containers into spaces fit for living. It is a tiny house? Yes, but you can consider it as affordable, being 30 percent cheaper. 

A Youtuber, Tayo Aina, also posted a video of these minimalist tiny houses in Lagos, Nigeria which gained almost half a million views – proving the popularity of this trend.

Find Tiny Homes for Sale

Small could be the next giant. Removed the stigma of not having a tiny house. So, consider living big in tiny houses now. If you are searching for tiny homes for sale, Property List Hub is the right partner for you. We believe that homes are the rock foundation in life. Therefore, we are always committed to providing families with the safest and most stable shelter we could. 

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