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Four-Legged Checklist: Tips for Moving with Cats and Dogs

Posted by support on May 26, 2021

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Yo. Look who’s moving with cats and dogs. Are you planning to move across the town or the country? Another thing, have you started packing up for your four-legged family members? Undoubtedly, moving with your two-legged family members is just as stressful as with your four-legged family members. Now, put your cat or dog on the leash and hand them their fav squeaky toy. Chill out. Property List Hub now offers a few tips to live by as you move with cats and dogs.

Human behavior lies behind his needs–the same goes with pets. When you move with a pet, start putting yourself on your cat’s or dog’s furry feet. What’s on their mind? “My current home is more than a home. It is my territory.” Cats are hypersensitive. They always prefer to be in a tight space, unlike dogs, who can adjust easily. Kudos to its master, who familiarizes them with the new scent of carpet and all. 

Trick or treat, you decide: Stick to the routine after the move.

Before Moving

  1. Pet can’t be moved. Preparing for moving day means getting your cat or dog used to a pet carrier. Regardless of the distance of your new home, a fluffy cat or dog would be safer in a box. If your pet hasn’t been in one, introduce it to them slowly.

 Moving Day

  1. Keep closed. Escape cat/dog inside.  Say the weather permits, place your pet on the carrier. Let it sit there for only-you-knows-how-long until you reach your new home. You may introduce the bathroom as its temporary shelter if it’s too hot or cold outside.  
  2. A long-distance move with pets. Put them on a leash. Their collar should include your phone number and your new home address. On the other hand, planned stops along the way are a good point. Pet-friendly hotels are just around the corner. Meanwhile, if you are traveling by air, ask the airline about their pet travel requirements. Do not forget about the pet’s vet records in your carry-on luggage.

Welcome Home

  1. Your pet may disappear for a day or two, don’t panic. Remove any dangling cords from blinds or furniture. Keep your window and door closed. The odds of your cat or dog missing for a day or two is enormous. Just look for them on their carrier, shoebox, or underneath your bed.
  2. Hello, I’m your vet. Roam around the neighborhood. Ask for their vet’s recommendation. Once done, schedule a get-to-know-you visit to your pet’s vet. 

Moving with Cats and Dogs: Why Living with Your Pets is a Good Move to Make

  • Pets can sense when something is wrong with your body

A study suggests that pets, especially cats and dogs, can know if something is wrong with someone’s health. Seizures, cancer, narcolepsy, migraines, and diabetes are examples of health conditions that your pet can detect. 

  • Pets can promote excellent and sound mental health.

When stressed or dealing with mental health issues, doctors usually suggest that the patient can try to adopt a pet. In this way, oxytocin or the happy hormones will increase their numbers in our system while decreasing cortisol or the stress-causing hormone.

  • Having a pet helps you socialize

Having a pet can be a common interest that can be a way for you to meet other people. This can be a way to break the ice and initiate a conversation with someone.

  • Provides comfort and never makes you feel alone

There are instances that we spend a few times alone, and it makes us feel lonely. But with pets, we never are alone. They will always be happy to see and spend time with us.

  • Pets can teach responsibility to younger ones.

With pets, children will start learning the meaning of responsibility by attending to the pet’s needs.

Amid the chaos of boxes, packing tape, and moving trucks, your pets are feeling stressed, too. Help your pets. Pet-proof your home-it goes without a saying. With great patience, your pet will be the king or queen of your new kingdom. Do you have any plans on moving with a pet this year? Property List Hub got plenty of pet-friendly homes. Contact us on Whatsapp +234 901 552 5389.

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