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Short let in Lagos Offer Safe Investments and High Returns

Posted by support on May 12, 2021

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Feel at home without parting a fortune by investing in a short let apartment in Lagos.. 

Getting a short let in Lagos, Nigeria requires both a long walk and talk (even when you have money). Apparently, it is possible to be a victim of fraud or not to get the kind of apartment for rent in Lagos you want. Say after a heavy meal or during your day off, you will walk around the street of Lagos. You will patronize approximately 8 or more estate agents. Yet, the fact that you don’t know what the house you want to rent looks like continues to linger on your mind.

In the end, the only information you have about the short let apartment is the sugary stories told by a random almighty sweet-tongue agent. Turns out, it is just a ruin of your fantasized dream house. Property List Hub bid to end the trouble of property seekers and real estate agents. Today, renting an apartment in Lagos has become as easy as sipping a hot cup of coffee. Meanwhile, let us give you three instant ways to get an apartment in 24 hours through our website.

  1. Visit https://propertylisthub.com/,  enter your desired location.
  2.  Let’s assume you wanted to rent an apartment in Lagos. After clicking Lagos, all areas in Lagos with apartments for rent will be displayed, click on your chosen area.
  3. You would get a variety of apartments, depending on the type of apartment you want.  Once you do this, you would be able to access all apartments for rent in Lagos along with pictures, and their costs.

After getting the property you want, write down the property identification number or you can also fill a form online to book an inspection within a few hours.

Perks of Investing in Shortlet Apartment in Lagos

If you are a traveller, you might as well have heard or have stayed in a short let apartment in Lagos. Many are wondering how AirBnB became a well-known organization for many international travellers. Here’s the answer: They aim to connect homeowners in different cities to individuals. And travelers that need a home for a short stay.

This trend has become an eyeopener for most homeowners and investors in Nigeria. Slowly, the essence of owning a short let apartment in Lagos is now a trend. First thing: it guarantees a consistent cash flow from owned properties with the privilege to sell if it calls for it.

Furthermore, read on and realized the benefits of owning a short stay apartment in Lagos, Nigeria.

Short let Apartment: Best Place to Invest Money Right Now

  1. High-Income Potential. Probably, this is the most obvious statement.  Owning rental property provides you a direct stream of income. Modestly speaking, the only limit to how much one can earn from owning short let in Lagos is the sky. Say you own a three-bedroom duplex, depending on the season, you can fetch as high as N150,000 a day (again, modestly speaking)
  2. Property Value Growth. Renters’ demand changes over time. Despite that the property does not undergo renovation, property owners can still benefit massively from the increase of property value.
  3. Sweat Equity. Repaint the home, refinishing the inside, or do some basic landscaping to the garden. It can increase the property value without harming your pocket. Not only will this allow a charge more for rent, but it will also increase the possibility that the investor may choose to sell it in the future.
  4. Flexible Tenancy. Every property owner has the right to decide the length of stay for each occupant. Needless to say, controlling income and tenancy.
  5. Positive Cash Flow. It is no longer trivial that most shortlet homes regularly provide shelter to business owners and families. Why? They prefer to stay in a home that offers them privacy over an overcharging hotel room.
  6. Collateral. A short let apartment in Lagos provides the owner an option to leverage on tax and bank loans. Thus, they can use their property to loan for business or any other investments.

Spoiler Alert:  Property List Hub can help in making the dream of owning a short let apartment in Lagos possible. Ping us on Whatsapp.

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