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How Can Online Travel Agencies Increase Bookings in 2023?

Posted by support on October 4, 2023

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Online travel agencies (OTAs) play a bigger and bigger part in the hospitality sector because they offer a practical way for tourists to book their accommodations. Travelers can research and book hotels online from the convenience of their own homes.

This blog will cover various topics, including what an OTA is, the best OTA platforms, how to create a quality travel website, and more.


What Are Online Travel Agencies?

A traveler can book rooms, excursions, trips, and other services through an online travel agency (OTA). They are independent contractors who market services on behalf of other businesses.

These OTAs typically provide advantages, extra convenience, and a stronger emphasis on self-service. They also have a built-in booking system that enables same-day reservations.

How Do  Online Travel Agencies Operate?

OTAs typically support two models. 

1. Business Model

In this business strategy, hotels offer discounted or wholesale rates to OTAs when selling rooms. Then, the OTA marks them up and sells them to the consumer.

2. Agency Model

In this commission-based business model, OTAs serve as a partner in distribution. The full commission is paid to OTAs after the stay has occurred. Instead of waiting for a payment transfer from a third-party distributor, the hotel receives payment directly from the end user.

What Advantages Do Online Travel Agencies Offer as Partners?

Put exposure! Thousands of people from around the world frequent online travel agencies websites. Additionally, they have established themselves as an authority on all things travel-related. People, therefore, believe the advice they get from OTAs.

In addition to reaching a large audience, hotels that list in OTAs will also have their services included alongside many other trustworthy sources of information.

Additionally, the so-called “billboard effect” may favor hotels featured on OTAs. This indicates that OTAs advertise on their platforms for service providers like hotels. Once the user knows this, they might visit the hotel’s website to make a direct reservation.

What Benefits and Drawbacks Come With Selling Through Online Travel Agents?

There are advantages and disadvantages to being listed in OTAs for lodging companies like hotels and B&Bs. Let’s look at them now.

Benefits Of Online Travel Agencies

  • Low-cost means of marketing lodging services
  • Reduced internet marketing expenditures as OTAs increased advertising expenditures to attract more clients.
  • Independent reviews encourage customers to make reservations
  • Users can quickly compare different lodging fees in one location.

Cons of using Online Travel Agencies

  • Every sale carries a commission fee. It may be between 10% and 15% of the gross price.
  • Tight cancellation conditions
  • Even though lodging establishments work with OTAs, they still require a website and booking engine.
  • Investing in a balanced multi-channel strategy can be necessary to increase sales.
  • Even while OTAs might aid in room-filling, lodging providers must work to increase income through their websites. Work on digital marketing strategies and SEO tactics must be done regularly. 
  • Businesses that provide lodging must concentrate on client retention strategies and use email and direct marketing to target their current consumers.

How Can I Launch An Online Travel Company?

Travel agencies no longer inform customers of the availability of flights and accommodations. They assign rooms and receive a fee from the associated lodging establishments. Because of this, most brand-new travel companies use the OTA model.

You can focus on corporate travel, leisure travel, pilgrimages, or any other niche if you want to enter the OTA market. But the secret to success is concentrating on how well you provide things.

Here are a few things to consider before opening an online travel agency.

  • Register your agency’s name and, if necessary, obtain a license by your region’s legislation.
  • Try to join IATA or another reputable travel organization to learn more about the field of travel, particularly the area on which you wish to focus.
  • Offer specials centered on a particular region. Concentrating on a specific niche will also increase success.
  • Promote your company on the Internet.
  • Take advantage of blogging’s power.
  • Establish a strong online presence

Why Do Individuals Use Online Travel Companies?

Here are a few of the main explanations for why they favor OTAs.

  • Few OTAs provide incentive schemes that can be applied against upcoming travel requirements.
  • Exclusive discounts are not available elsewhere.
  • There may be OTAs with forgiving cancellation policies. For instance, Priceline does not charge a fee if a user cancels a ticket before the end of the following business day.
  • The majority of users might only know where to book an OTA.
  • OTAs make it simple to compare various prices.

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