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Instagram Ads for Realtors: Are They Worth a Shot?

Posted by support on November 10, 2021

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Are Instagram ads for realtors worth it? Did you know that only 10% of realtors who run Facebook advertisements also run Instagram ads? With that figure in mind, you might be wondering if running Instagram advertisements for real estate agents in 2022 is even worthwhile.

In general, we would say sure. Instagram advertisements, when used correctly, can be a powerful tool in your social media marketing plan.

Why Should Realtors Use Instagram Ads for Marketing?

There is no better place to advertise than a visually appealing and widely used platform like Instagram in the real estate world. Real estate marketing is difficult because of the fierce competition and the difficulty in gaining trust. However, if done correctly, the reward is frequently well worth the expenditure. Instagram is an excellent venue for real estate marketing—people go to Instagram to see beautiful things, so why not showcase your stunning properties?

Why not be where the people are? Instagram is used by more than one-eighth of the world’s 7.7 billion people, so why not be there?

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Instagram is not only one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet, but it is also a largely unexplored market for real estate professionals. Only 14 percent of realtors are on Instagram, according to FitSmallBusiness.com. Simultaneously, 83 percent of all home purchasers said they wanted to see pictures of properties online. Not only is your target demographic likely to be on Instagram, but these potential home buyers also want to see photos of your available properties. That seems like a good enough cause to advertise.

Here are our top ten real estates Instagram suggestions and ideas:

  1. Set the proper Instagram goals.
  2. Make use of localized targeting
  3. Make demographics a priority.
  4. Utilize well-known real estate Instagram hashtags.
  5. Show off your properties with carousel ads.
  6. Use video to bring real estate to life.
  7. Make use of aspirational imagery.
  8. Share testimonials from satisfied customers.
  9. Keep your Instagram ad copy short and to the point.
  10. With an ad schedule, you can make the most of your budget.

Marketing Tip:  Want more people to see your posts? Make use of hashtags to your advantage. Not only should you use evergreen real estate tags like #openhouse #justlisted #housegoals, but you should also use particular geographical tags to target your listing to your region.

Instagram Reels For Realtors, and How Do You Use Them?

Facebook is the undisputed leader, with millions of businesses advertising worldwide when it comes to social marketing platforms.

Indeed, Facebook is such a behemoth in social media marketing that you won’t be able to make an Instagram ad without first setting up a Facebook business profile and using Facebook Ad Manager. However, unlike Facebook, Instagram advertising is unusual in that it is not entirely flooded with adverts. When consumers see your ad, they will pay attention to it rather than scrolling through it. As a result, Instagram ads get significantly more engagement than their Facebook counterparts.

The ability to add links to your content is a significant difference between Instagram and Facebook ads. Instagram, unlike Facebook, does not enable you to freely insert links throughout the text of your ad or the description of a photo. Instead, a solid call to action will entice Instagram viewers to interact with your ad. Finally, while Facebook dominates in terms of numbers, Instagram caters to a younger population, beneficial when developing ads for first-time home buyers.

If you currently use Facebook ads for your business, using Instagram ads can provide you the chance to appear in numerous locations and reach your audience across several platforms. An Instagram business account is required to run advertising. If you already have many followers on your account, it may be worthwhile to convert it to a business account quickly through your Instagram settings.

How Do Instagram Ads For Realtors Work?

After spending some time using Instagram Reels for realtors, it appears that it isn’t nearly up to the task of competing with TikTok. Compared to TikTok’s vast number of tools, the possibilities of the effects are minimal. Like in TikTok, you can’t make a duet video or utilize a green screen. The editing features are also a little more complicated than TikTok’s. If you have a public account, there is also no option for “friends only” sharing. Your video will appear on the explore page if you have a public account.

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What can Instagram Ads Do With Real Estate Marketing?

This marketing tool is a great way to get your brand’s content featured on the Instagram Explore page. Instagram wants to promote this tool as much as possible, so collaborating and being recognized is a win-win situation for you and them! Because it’s still early days and most individuals aren’t ready to make the entire move, you’ll have a higher chance of increasing your visibility.

Not only should you promote your listings and open houses on Instagram, but you should also promote your staff! Instagram is a terrific approach to provide clients a closer look at your team’s dynamic and a glimpse behind the scenes of the real estate industry. You’re assisting folks in finding their forever homes, so they’ll naturally want to discover more about you! As a fun and interactive method for your real estate staff to say hello, create “Agent Spotlights” or “Agent Instagram Takeovers.” on the platform Instagram.

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One of the most effective ways to get your listings and business on the radar of potential buyers is to use Instagram marketing for real estate. Instagram allows real estate professionals to find leads outside of established sites, not only because it is a free marketing platform. Realtors may use Instagram to swiftly edit and publish their current houses on the market because it is a picture-first social media platform.

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