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3 Ways Loft Apartments Make A Great Real Estate Investment

Posted by support on November 16, 2021

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Loft apartments sound urban and stylish, but are they only seen in movies? Not at all! Loft apartments are becoming increasingly popular and available to renters who want to live in one.

When you think of living in an attic, you might envision a vast, open-plan apartment amid a bustling city like Lagos, Nigeria. Tall ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and exposed hardware give the garret apartment a light and open feel.

However, before you sign a new lease or rental contract, you need to know what to expect.

So, what exactly is a loft? With this comprehensive guide, we’ll dissect loft apartments in great depth.

Loft Apartments FAQ’s

  1. What is a loft apartment?

As the name implies, it has a single comprehensive and open space and no primary interior partitions. It isn’t to suggest that attics are entirely devoid of walls; most of them have a private bathroom with walls encircling it.

The bed or sleeping space, kitchen, dining room, and any living areas, on the other hand, will be indistinguishable from one another and may even have the same floor and wall layouts. Even though they have duplicate square footage as smaller flats with more internal walls, Loft apartments feel considerably more open and flexible.

As an added advantage, many of them are relatively spacious. Even in densely populated urban areas, they frequently exceed 1000 square feet.

  1. Which is a better real estate investment: a loft apartment or a regular apartment?

Lofts are open-plan living spaces with no separate bedroom, living room, or kitchen. A typical apartment will feature a bedroom, closet, kitchen, and living area that are all well demarcated. Because there are no interior walls to divide space, loft rooms differ from the regular one- or two-bedroom residences. Both, however, have their bathroom.

  1. What is the difference between a studio and a loft?

A studio apartment resembles a loft only in that it lacks many separate or distinct rooms. A bathroom with a combined bedroom, living room, and dining or kitchen area make up a studio apartment. Studio apartments differ from one-bedroom apartments in that they have a separate sleeping area and a shared living and dining area.

Although studios and loft apartments may sound comparable, loft apartments are substantially more significant in square areas and typically have higher ceilings. Even if they have the duplicate square footage, this might give them the appearance of being more extensive than a studio unit.

  1. What makes a hard loft different from a soft loft?

There are two sorts of loft apartments: hard lofts and soft lofts.

A room with a harsh and industrial look is known as a hard loft apartment. It’s the typical arrangement of a loft apartment. Expect exposed masonry and pipes, soaring ceilings, and possibly even steel beams. Many of them have substantial industrial-style windows as well. The majority of hard lofts are repurposed warehouses or ancient manufacturing structures.

On the other hand, soft lofts are loft apartments that are created to resemble the aesthetics of regular lofts. Soft lofts share the same stylistic characteristics as hard lofts, such as exposed brick and high ceilings, but they’re not as tough or industrial. The vast majority of soft loft apartments are converted residential structures whose owners hope to cash in on the loft apartment boom. Many soft loft apartments include a raised platform within the apartment space, suitable for a bedroom.

The Advantages of Living in a Loft Apartment 

Now that you know what a loft apartment is, let’s go over some of the benefits and drawbacks of renting a loft room to determine if it’s appropriate for you.

Pro #1: Urban, trendy vibes

Lofts have an intrinsic cool factor.

First, whether it was originally a factory, warehouse, or commercial structure, the buildings usually have a fascinating past. Second, the exposed interior — plumbing, masonry, or windows — offers a level of character and intricacy that standard apartments lack. Third, the open-living concept’s layout is light, airy, and expansive. You’ll enter a loft apartment with plenty of space to settle in.

Pro #2 Flexible Design

Do you like a contemporary look? Hang a large piece of contemporary art on the wall. Do you prefer a minimalist aesthetic? Then you can fill the space with the critical pieces of furniture and let the rest of the space speak for itself. Do you wish to live in a charming space? Make the space a cozy one by adding plenty of furniture, cushions, blankets, and artwork. Renters have a lot of leeway in terms of how they decorate their space.

Pro #3: Roomy

The space is one of the key reasons people rent loft apartments. Aloft typically provides 1,000 square feet or more, so you won’t be crowded. Lofts offer a lot of natural light, so you’ll constantly have natural light flowing in, and you’ll be able to move around freely without feeling cramped.

The Disadvantages of Living in a Loft Apartment

Loft apartments, like everything else in life, have their drawbacks. All of their unique bonuses and amenities can also have some drawbacks. The following are some of the significant drawbacks of loft rooms.

Con #1 Expensive utility costs

While the room offers trendy vibes, it can also imply higher utility costs. Simply put, there is more space to heat or cool. Also, old plumbing and narrow windows may influence future utilities because lofts are generally found in older and rebuilt business buildings. If you want to rent a loft, keep in mind that the cost of utilities will be higher.

Con #2 Inadequate storage 

While this type of apartment is light and airy, they lack standard storage options such as closets and pantries. Thus, finding locations to keep your possessions requires some creativity. So, you should use your imagination when it comes to where you hang your clothing and where you store your belongings.

Con #3 No privacy

It is perfect for singles or couples but not for roommates. Because there are no separate rooms or walls in a loft apartment, you may feel like you don’t have enough privacy. If you value privacy, this apartment will not meet your needs.

Design Your Loft Like a Pro

Due to the lack of space, you may need to create your own. Here are a few ideas for creating rooms in a loft that are both private and attractive.

1. Divide the space with furnishings.

Make your furnishings multifunctional. Make a false wall out of a bookcase to divide the space. A bookcase, for example, can separate the TV area from the kitchen while also housing books.

2. Use curtains as a room divider.

 Although the walls in a loft are frequently high, you can use curtain rods and drapes to create a bedroom, for example. Divide the area with drapes to visually break up the space.

3. Install sliding doors.

Sliding barn doors are both fashionable and practical. Consider putting a set of sliding doors in your loft apartment if you need to divide a space.

Start the Search for Trendy Loft Apartment in Lagos, Nigeria

Start your search for a loft apartment building by looking at loft apartments on the internet. While most web postings will show you a variety of loft apartments to look at, they may also advertise huge studios as lofts, so keep an eye out to avoid being duped.

Of course, you can call a real estate agent the old-fashioned manner, especially if you are moving to a new metropolitan area from out of state. Property List Hub is familiar with all of the city’s most significant neighborhoods and may be able to get you a terrific loft apartment offer in exchange for a fee.

Bottom line: If you like the style, feel, and general vibe of loft living, you’ll have no trouble finding a suitable loft apartment for you. Especially now that you know how high to set those “impossibly lofty” goals. Give us a call: 234 901 552 5389

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