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6 Great Finds: The Do’s and Don’ts When Buying A House for Sale in Lagos

Posted by Akin on June 9, 2020

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You are probably one of the people who dream to live in a paradise, seeking for a house for sale in Lagos. It must be really exciting to live in Nigeria’s largest city along with its famous beach resorts, boutiques, and night life. Settling in the most beautiful places Nigeria can offer is perhaps, exciting. But buying a property for sale in Lagos Nigeria is not as easy as counting 1, 2, 3. You will be facing a lot of circumstances that will surely challenge your will to settle in.

It will never be easy to move out whether it’s because of heartbreak, a new career, or family needs. Looking for a house for sale in Lagos is not that simple. You’ll be needing to consider a lot of things before moving in. Since Lagos is a megacity and a major financial center in Africa, you’ll meet a different kinds of people. You’re not sure if those people will be ready to help you or take advantage of you.

There are thousands of real estate agents preying on you and might probably trick you. To avoid awful circumstances, let me give you the dos and don’ts when you want to buy property for sale in Lagos, Nigeria.


Set an appropriate and enough budget.

Of course, you cannot buy something without proper allocation of money. You know yourself how much you can afford or not. Know your priorities in life and start by assessing which are your needs and wants. Always remember that you can live without your wants but not definitely without your needs. This will help you save up and allocate enough and proper budget for the property you want to buy. 

Set a date.

When you’re saving up and working on your budget, you must set a goal. When do you want to buy that house? How long should I work hard for my dream property? You must fix a realistic date of your purchase. Remember, you are not the only one who’s looking for a house for rent or house for sale in Lagos. There are millions of Nigerian looking for a place to settle with. And you might be losing the best one if you won’t set a deadline.

Get a home or property warranty and insurance.

Nowadays, we are more likely to experience stronger typhoons, frequent earthquakes, and flooding. No one knows the future and natural calamities are unpredictable. Every property needs repairing and regular maintenance. Replacements are inevitable because of age or the usual wear and tear. Make sure to get a home warranty, so that if something goes wrong, you won’t be needing extra money. Property insurance is as important as a home warranty. Ensure them both so that you won’t be able to lose the money and property you worked hard for.

Get a real estate agent.

It is very important to buy a property through a real estate agent. They are licensed professionals that act as seller’s and buyer’s representatives in negotiations. Getting a real estate agent of your own provides you a lower risk of being scammed. Most of the homebuyers purchased their houses or properties through a real estate agent or broker.


Do not get desperate.

It may be very frustrating to look for your next property. When you are not able to see what you like or you’re too tangled to pick which one is the best, you’ll more like get desperate to avail a house. As a result, you’ll be choosing the wrong decision. You will soon realize that what you chose out of desperation is what you really hate. Getting rid of it will just cost you more holes in your pocket.

Do not ignore the neighborhood.

Do not forget to consider your neighbourhood. It is okay to compare properties and prices from one to another. You might need to check the location and price of some houses for sale in Lagos. Once you have the idea of different prices, you’ll have ample time to choose which one suits your preferences and needs.

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It is important to keep the dos and don’ts in mind when looking for house for sale in Lagos. With these always remembered, you’ll avoid the all the hassle out there.

Looking for a house for sale in Lagos needs more than just a will. It may be very stressful and tiring. At Property List Hub, we provide the best places Nigeria can offer. You’ll be able to save a lot of leg work when you want to house for sale in Lagos. On top of it, the listings are always verified as well as the real estate agents and developers. You can easily contact the agent and negotiate the price.

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