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Discover the Most Affordable Houses for Sale in Abuja

Posted by Akin on June 16, 2020

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Abuja is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. Because of different meetings held in Abuja annually, it became Nigeria’s conference and political center. It is very ideal to live in the populous city in Nigeria, next to Lagos. Thus, there are thousands of houses for sale in Abuja.

However, finding the best properties could mean a lot of leg work. If you’re on the run for house-hunting, online listings of affordable estates in Abuja are your savior. 

Internet innovations provided a wider array of choices for most people in the real estate industry. Finding a property for sale in Abuja made even easier by different online listing platforms like Property List Hub.

Start Looking for Your Dream Home

Looking for your dream home and choosing from different houses for sale in Abuja could be very stressful. You have to meticulously look into details and make sure you’ll not waste any penny from that property.

But how can you make sure that you’re spending money on the right property? It is not that easy to find the best place to buy a property in Abuja. In relation to that, you have to consider a lot of things before you can say you found your dream home.


Sometimes, your supposed dream home becomes a nightmare. It’s when the time has come for endless repairs and maintenance. In addition, it seems like your home is continuously making a hole in your pocket. In this blog, you will be able to learn a few things you must remember before buying houses for sale in Abuja.

1. Check the difference between the house from staging.

Staging is the best way to market properties. Also, it is a way of giving ideas to potential buyers like you on how it feels to live in a home they are staging. However, do not get fooled by staging, or at least be vigilant. There’s nothing wrong with staging but you have to be careful. You have to get what you think you deserve.

2. Look for cracks and tilts.

The property might smell fresh and new from the paint and the newly varnished floor. But, those hidden cracks and tilts might cause you a lot of gold if you don’t pay attention. You may find deeper foundation issues as the day pass by.

3. Check for spots that smell bad.

Usually, you will not be able to smell a bad odor if it’s concealed by a fragrant one. This is also a must when checking houses for sale in Abuja. When you smell an air freshener during your inspection visit, you have to think twice. There could be foul play to hide those pipe leakages, mold or bacteria accumulation, or other hazardous contaminants.

4. Note potential hazards outside the house like nearby trees.

Remember, the trees beside the house you are inspecting are included in the area inspections. These trees can be a potential hazard for you and your family. This can catch fire or even fall during a strong storm. Furthermore, this can damage your house and cost you a fortune for repairs and reconstruction. 

5. Know your neighbors.

You have to know who your neighbors will be. Establishing a good relationship with your neighbors is a good start when moving to a new house. Therefore, you might need to take note of their age, their lifestyle and their everyday tasks to blend in with the neighborhood. If you don’t like what you see and what you hear, then maybe it’s time to consider another house and location.


Property List Hub knows the hassle and stress of finding houses for sale in Abuja could bring. Nigeria’s best online listing platform saves you from a lot of leg work. You can cost-effectively find the most affordable estates in Abuja. Visit propertylisthub.com for more details.

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