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First-time Homebuyer’s Frequently Asked Questions BEFORE Home Inspection

Posted by support on October 6, 2021

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The home inspection can complete or cancel a sale for both sellers and buyers. Because of this, whether you are buying or selling, the home inspector visit can be a bit scary! 

Yes, you will receive a written report after the home inspection, BUT you must attend the inspection while carried out. It offers a valuable opportunity to learn everything about the functioning of your future home. Plus, it’s best to decipher a 10-page report on HVAC or plumbing issues. Here are some FAQs to make the most of this all-important step. OK, exhale.

First-time Homebuyer: Questions to Ask a Home Inspector BEFORE the Home Inspection

So how do you distinguish an excellent contractor from a suitable one? It comes all the way down to interviewing domestic inspectors to evaluate the thoroughness of the paintings they may be doing. To assist you out, right here are several first-rate inquiries to ask.

Bonus: this will also help you know what to expect! Knowledge is power, my friends.

1. “What do you check? 

 Wondering what a home inspector is looking for? Quite a few – 1,600 features on the house, to be exact–from roof to foundation to be exact. Entering the inspection with a clear understanding of what the inspector can and cannot do will ensure that you leave the inspection satisfied. 

 2. “What are you not checking?

 Since home inspectors cannot punch a hole in the wall, they often point out potential problems in the report. It would be best if you asked another professional (roofer, HVAC, contractor, electrician, or plumber) to come back and do a more detailed investigation. 

 3. “What do you charge for a home inspection?” 

 A home inspection costs around123,240.00 to 246480.00 Naira, although it depends on the market, the size of the home, and the inspector himself. Usually, you pay the inspector on the day of the inspection. From there, you will discover what forms of payment are accepted. Spending on a good inspector pays off in the long run. 

 4. “How long have you been to business? 

Perhaps, the next thing you are going to ask is, “how many inspections have you done?” A newer inspector doesn’t necessarily mean inferior quality, but the experience can mean a lot, especially if you’re considering a distressed home or something with unusual features. 

 5. “Can I come during the inspection? 

 Expect a resounding yes! Any good inspector wants potential homeowners to attend the inspection. Watching someone explain your home’s ins and outs is way better than reading a massive home inspection report. If an inspector asks you not to participate, stay away forever. Run! 

 6. “How long does the inspection take?” 

 Inspections often take place during the working week, when the salesperson is less often present. If you know how long to block, you don’t have to rush through the inspection to get back to the office. You will only get a rough number, as a lot will depend on the house’s condition. But if you’re quoted for something that seems far away — like a whole day for a two-bedroom apartment, or just an hour for a large, distressed home — that could be a red flag the inspector doesn’t know what. 

 7. “Can I see a sample report?” 

 If you’re a first-time homebuyer, it might be helpful to check someone else’s report before seeing yours. Every house has problems, usually many, although most are usually not a problem. A sample report keeps you from panicking when you see your report and gives you an idea of ​​how your inspector communicates. Take this chance to make sure you and your inspector are on the same page.

Are Any of Your Home Inspector’s Findings a Deal-breaker?

 A home inspection should not stress you out. It is a vivid reminder for marketers of the persistent problems that may have turned a blind eye over the years. And for buyers, it’s a recipe for real heartbreak: falling in love with a home that may not make sense to buy. And remember, that’s not what your home inspector wants either – all he wants is a complete to-do list and a happy customer.

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