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Apartment Fun Facts

Having a place you can call your own feels exciting, regardless if it’s a huge place or just a simple apartment. So, if you plan to move to a new city here in Nigeria and find a better place to live or get your first apartment independently, we got you. Property List Hub knew that you are aware of the challenges and considerations of looking for a new place to live in. So, to help you, we provided some apartment fun facts to help you decide better.

Apartment Fun Facts

What is the life span of an apartment?

The life of an apartment is 50-60 years while independent homes have a higher lifespan. Since all apartment buildings have common amenities and a lot of shared facilities, the usage of such buildings will be more. However, if maintained properly, the average lifespan could be improved by 10%-20%.

Which apartment floor is the safest?

Your views from a middle-floor apartment are better than a bottom-floor unit. There also aren’t as many stairs or long waits at the elevator. Seasonality and utility bills are also major pluses on the middle floor. Top floors can get hot and are difficult to cool down during the summer months.

How much does an apartment cost in Nigeria?

A one-bedroom apartment outside of the city center usually costs NGN 40,000. Here is the list of the common rental fee (these costs is negotiable depending on the landlord and your agreement).

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