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Yay or Nay: The Do’s and Don’ts in Property Selling

Posted by Akin on October 23, 2019

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Have you ever wondered about getting profitable earnings with property selling? If you are a business-minded person and also want to earn as much as millionaires do; you better not think twice. Yet, of course, you need to know first the essentials – the Dos and Don’ts in selling your property in Lagos.

Property selling is one of the earnest ways of property investment. Like we always say that we should take things slowly but surely. Of course, we do not want to go for it quickly. Not because we told you not to think TWICE, does not mean you don’t need to push through. So, to be positively engaged in this kind of investment, may we share with you some excellent advice from the best experts.

Property Selling In Lagos

Property Selling 101

Applying the Do’s

1. Do give an accessible showings

Selling an apartment, residential, or any property allows buyers to get through with it. In times like this, what should you do before they enter your home? Simple. You have to declutter all possible undesirable things. It can be a big PLUS once buyers and agents visit. Moreover, do not forget some small parts like the parking area or veranda. So, if the buyer likes that small stuff, then your home can be a high priority.

2. Do seek various ways on marketing

Aside from the traditional aspect, the Internet becomes the fastest and easiest marketing medium for the real estate industry. There are about 80% of home and property searches on this wide-range tech. So, if you want to sell with a realtor, then the Internet is the best platform for you. Just don’t forget to include its concrete details, photos, and more.  

3. Do flaunt the best assets

Do your property have what it takes to be sold successfully? Quite intriguing. Still, at least flaunt its best asset! For instance, you may look at the buyer’s vision and make such a bit of upgrade and improvements if necessary.

4. Do some thorough research

You may find the “for sale by the owner” aspect enticing. However, selling it all by yourself isn’t as easy as 1,2,3. You have to have thorough research and gain prior knowledge before engaging in this life-changing investment.

Property For Sale Sign

Avoiding the Don’ts in Property Selling

1. Don’t overdo renovations before selling

Having a large construction project requires an equivalent amount of return. Making small changes give your property more likely a considerable sale price increase.

2. Don’t attempt for a hard sell

As the owner, you want to sell your home as much as possible. But, there are times that you should let the buyers and agents do their work. Buyers must critically examine and decide whether to buy it or not.

3. Don’t wait for the rainy season to come

Most of the large home or property sales come in within dry season. Somehow, whatever season it is; then you should make the most out of your home’s amenities in each time course.

4. Don’t sell properties too high

Most owners believe that once you sell your property at a high cost, then you are on the right path. Hell no! You may miss a lot of prospective buyers once you take it at that settled sale price. For assurance, research recent home sales to know if it is worth appropriately and correctly.

Selling Your Property In Lagos - Using Laptop

Selling Your Property in Lagos

So if you want to have a high chance of selling your property in Lagos and other cities in Nigeria, talk to the best people that you can trust – Nigeria Property List Hub. We at Nigeria Property List Hub, believe that nothing is impossible if you take the lead towards your life’s change. Visit our site for more today!

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