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The dilemma of Seeking Affordable Housing for Single Moms

Posted by support on June 10, 2021

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Due to the shelter-poverty crisis, the life choices of millions of single moms all over the world diminished. Local housing policies, a decrease in affordable housing for single moms, and profound changes in Nigerian lifestyle contours this crisis. Thus, leaves generations of families headed by single mothers in poverty. 

Owning a home is the ultimate Nigerian dream. It is because either renting an apartment is counterproductive for them or they want a place that they can call their own. Whatever the reason, buying a house provides security for you and your family. But, the cost of buying one is not inexpensive. In couples who have a dual income, owning a house is still challenging. What about when you are the only one who generates money? A single-parent house is a goal of almost every single mom. It might seem unattainable but it is possible.

What to consider when buying a home as a single parent?

First and foremost, you have to consider your financial capability in buying a new place. Homeownership requires a lot of money. But you will reap its benefits in due time. Having your own space lets you live your life the way you want it to be. You are in charge of its maintenance. Homeownership is a responsibility. It is one of the greatest achievements in life. Deciding to have a house turns your life around. 

When purchasing a new house, it is advisable to get pre-approved for a mortgage rather than get pre-qualified. Because sometimes, some sellers will not accept an offer because a buyer is only pre-qualified. Meaning to say, a buyer who is only pre-qualified did not go through the process of getting pre-approved.

It might seem impossible, but there is affordable housing for single moms. But before all that, look at these points to help you decide on whether buying a home is a good thing to do:

Benefits of home ownership as a single parent

  • Owning a home is a long-term investment. Unlike renting, you will have a property that you can call your own. Knowing that you overcome the challenge of homeownership is fulfilling and satisfying. 
  • You can rest easy, knowing the fact that your family is safe and sound. An owned home creates stability. So, your fate now is in your hands and not in the hands of your landlord.
  • You can customize your house. You can renovate and change everything in it. No one will be a hindrance if you want your house painted in bright colors.
  • You can manage your bills. Homeownership comes with mortgage repayments and other expenses, unlike renting an apartment. However, that does not mean that renting is more productive than owning. These expenses are not likely to rise by large amounts suddenly unlike in renting.
  • You establish equity. An owned property is an asset that can help you if you experience financial constraints. Having equity guarantees you a great return.

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Secure Your Future with Properties for Sale at Property List Hub

Purchasing your own home might appear inconvenient and costly. But its benefits are long-term. Considering homeownership is one thing, but planning for your future is a big feat. Buying a home secures your future. Again, it will serve as your and your family’s living security. A first-time homebuyer is eligible for grants and mortgages. Just like them, single moms are qualified for it. Please take advantage of it and build a bright future for you and your family. See our latest listings here: https://propertylisthub.com/.

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