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Retail Property Fun Facts

Today, retail properties are under stress, with empty stores, little growth, and customers who prefer to shop online. While most people are into retail therapy, investing in retail real estate should be given emphasis. But, before you jump into anything, you may want to take a look at these retail property fun facts.

Retail Property Fun Facts

What does retail property mean?

Retail property types are properties used to market and sell consumer goods and services. This category includes single-tenant retail buildings, small neighborhood shopping centers, larger centers with grocery store anchor tenants, and “power centers” with large anchor stores.


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What do retail properties deal with?

Retail real estate consists of establishments that build and develop shopping and entertainment properties. Many people have found themselves in such a property as this category includes shopping malls, clothing shops, florists, and many more.

How do you value a retail property?

The value of the commercial property depends on its potential income and its cap rate. The cap rate is defined as a property’s net annual rental income divided by the current value of the property. Its equation is the net operating income divided by the cap rate.

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