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The Ultimate Guide in Understanding the Real Estate Purchase Agreement in 2023: Components and Significance

Posted by support on January 10, 2023

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Buying a home can sometimes be stressful because of the complexities of the process. There are also several legal aspects to entering into a real estate transaction; one of the most important is signing a real estate purchase agreement. After negotiating with the seller, you reach an agreement on a price. You sign an agreement, put down a deposit, and eventually, you’re at the closing table, concluding the transaction or executing a purchase agreement.

Real Estate Agreement,
The Ultimate Guide In Understanding The Real Estate Purchase Agreement In 2023: Components And Significance 4

But what exactly is a purchase agreement? What if your home purchase is subject to certain terms and conditions? A real estate purchase agreement is a type of real estate contract that details an agreement between a property’s buyer and seller. Understanding the elements of a real estate purchase agreement is critical for real estate agents, buyers, and sellers alike to execute a smooth home-buying experience.

What Exactly Is a Real Estate Purchase Agreement?

Real estate purchase agreements, also known as real estate contracts, real estate purchase contracts, home purchase agreements, house purchase agreements, or purchase and sale agreements, are legal contracts between a buyer and seller for the purchase and sale of real property.

A real estate purchase agreement protects the seller’s rights when working with a homebuyer. Furthermore, a real estate purchase agreement does not transfer a property’s title. Rather, the document constructs and creates a framework of each party’s responsibilities during the transaction so that the title can be transferred in a way that both parties are satisfied with. Remember, to avoid future complications, you must get your real estate purchase agreement right first. 

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Who Is In Charge Of Preparing The Purchase Agreement?

A real estate agent, not a buyer or seller, typically prepares and writes the purchase contract. However, because purchase agreements affect your legal rights, you should consult with transactional lawyers licensed to practice in your state about the drafting and execution of the agreement. You should also consider working with a legal professional specializing in the type of contract you are drafting. Real estate lawyers, for example, should prepare transactions involving real estate.

Knowing the various components of a real estate purchase agreement can help you confidently sell or buy a house.

What Is Include In A House Purchase Agreement?

While the details of each purchase agreement will vary, nearly all will include the same fundamental items that cover the various terms of the purchase. Ensure your purchase agreement includes all of these elements to guarantee clarity during the purchase process.

Real Estate Purchase Agreement
The Ultimate Guide In Understanding The Real Estate Purchase Agreement In 2023: Components And Significance 6

The following are the main components of a real estate purchase agreement:

  • Information about the buyer and seller (names, addresses, and contact information)
  • The type of sale
  • Finance and pricing
  • Earnest money deposit amounts
  • The terms of the transaction
  • The address and description of the purchased property
  • The deadline and costs and who is responsible for them
  • The purchase price that was agreed upon
  • Dates of completion and possession
  • Anything that is included or excluded (for example, furniture pieces or equipment)
  • Any unforeseen circumstances (pending inspections, appraisals, or other actions that could delay or cancel the sale)
  • Other important details about the sale

You will be satisfactorily on your way to a successful real estate purchase if these items are included in your purchase agreement.


Even if you are not a legal expert, understanding the legal and contractual aspects of your home sale or purchase is critical. You may speak with real estate lawyers for assistance with a real estate purchase agreement. When selling your home, they will ensure that you create an enforceable and legally binding document and advise you on any other local laws you should be aware of.

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