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Real Estate Offers Unlimited Opportunities Even You’re Home

Posted by support on March 10, 2021

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In case you’re wondering what business are we up to, allow us to say—this is not a scam! Countless times, you encountered pop-up ads saying “earn from your space without lifting a finger” whenever you browse through your social account. Annoying, right? That even you are broke right now, you won’t click that advertisement because you fear a new breed of con artists are just messing with you.

You see, Property List Hub is a reputed real estate company in Nigeria. We don’t do dark business. To cut the chase, here’s our offer.

How Can Real Estate Give Your Opportunities

Let’s say owning a home is an advantage for you, but that doesn’t mean you are free from any bills and taxes. Whether you are an owner or a renter, chances are you pay a lot for your space. That’s adulting, for you!  Now, after setting your alarm at night, or before hugging your bolster pillow, is earning from your own space crossing your mind?

Undeniably, homes are one of the most underutilized resources we can possibly own. Thus, it paves way for various online booking sites, like Property List Hub Booking, to boom and prospers. Plenty of people is after the warmth and comfy feel brought by home. While managing the accommodation and all are a bit exhausting, it would be smart to research for platforms like ours, that’d do the job for you.

Listing the entire home or some rooms is not an issue. Just bear in mind, the amount you can earn solely depends on the location, size, and amenities of your space. Spoiler Alert: Who knows, these round-up ideas could have you bringing in a little extra cash and might even cover your monthly mortgage.

See what potential moneymaker opportunities are just waiting for you at home.

  1. Rent your studio space. Property List Hub is a Nigerian online listing company that connects property sellers and buyers. Meanwhile, Property List Hub Booking concerns short-stay bookings and event center bookings.  Now, if you have underutilized space, think about listing your space on Plisthub. Surely, you’ll make passive income so and have more flexibility to work on your passions. Learn more about listing
  2. Make the most of your amenities. Homeowners who are fortunate enough to have established home studios will benefit from fellow creatives. You see, they will pay for access to a darkroom, a green screen studio, and more. Additional income also comes with a variety of props for use, like stools, chairs, and even vintage pieces that come in handy for photographers. Not only your space brings in supplemental income but you get to stay connected with the local creative community.
  3. Roomy Storage. This the right time to get savvy with storage. Practically speaking, affordable storage is hard to come by.  For some reason, large storage facilities have significantly high rates in the market. If you have a spare room, do not think twice to rent out your closets, attic, or shed to people who need it. Since you are the owner, you’ll manage the length of the rental and set the price for a certain length of time. You should determine some guidelines too, so you wouldn’t be surprised by the content of your storage and with the frequency of their visits. Legal liability conditions are hereby advised, as well.
  4.  “I Do”. Are you blessed with a large and exquisite backyard? Next question? Are you willing to open it up for weddings using a service like Property List Hub Booking? Say “I do” to weddings in exchange for favorable income. Warmer months often call for outdoor scenic venues. Might as well consider how most weddings flow, and what are the necessary amenities during this type of occasion.  
  5. Open your space to professionals.  Do you own a private office? You can reimburse some of your overhead costs with dedicated desk rentals to colleagues in your industry. If you have a conference room, try listing it on, Property List Hub for workshops, offsites, and networking events for another way to make additional money. Office space with plenty of natural light and nearby parking is constantly in demand. Just set a strong Wi-Fi signal and bring in some good coffee or flavored water.
  6. Earn Money While You Are Away. Are you a travel enthusiast? While you are away, your bed is on vacation too. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to rent it out? List your entire room on Property List Hub. Indeed, the income you’ll make during these times may even help pay for your next weekend getaway! Always see to it that your rental is legal.

Again, this is not a scam. It won’t cost you a dime if you ping us on Whatsapp. Read our terms and services and learn how to connect with the right people. We will reiterate that renting your space is a great opportunity to earn a cash flow DEPENDING on your location and amenities.

Think outside the box. Think of the ways to earn money without requiring you a leg of work. Just look around—this could be your backyard, guest room, garage, shed, or office. Get to know your community’s needs and focus on opportunities during high-demand times.

Ready to partner with us and start earning?

Please click this link, if you are a short-let owner or this link if you are an event center owner. Learn more.

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