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11 Proven and Tested Real Estate Negotiation Tips to Win More Deals in 2022

Posted by support on September 20, 2022

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This guide contains 11 real estate negotiation strategies you can use in your business. Negotiation is an art and a science. But like any art, it takes practice. And, like any science, research is needed. We think many people are not good at negotiating real estate. And with many objects that aren’t even necessary: ​​you make an offer with a pledge, and the offer is either accepted or rejected.

Real Estate Negotiation
11 Proven And Tested Real Estate Negotiation Tips To Win More Deals In 2022 4

But if you want to represent luxury real estate, dig into commercial real estate, or advance your career, you need to know how to negotiate effectively.

Let’s look at some of the most effective real estate negotiation strategies that have worked for my business – whether you’re looking to buy an investment property or sell a luxury home, they’ll work for you too. 

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1. Know yourself

Before you enter negotiations, you should know everything about the property and its surroundings. Let’s say an agent says, “All the comparables for this property are much more expensive.” is that true?

You won’t know unless you look it up yourself. The more prepared you are in bargaining, the more ammunition you have on your side.

Remember, real estate negotiations in many areas progress very quickly. You don’t want to be caught without being fully aware of the situation. 

2. Let them start a conversation

The most common negotiation tactic in many industries is not to put the number first.

Well, you don’t have that luxury in real estate. If you’re helping someone sell, you need a list price. If you’re helping someone buy, you’ll need to offer the buyer your asking price. But what you should do in the negotiation process is get them to talk first. As they talk, you can see how serious they are about sticking to their current agreement and how much persuasion it takes to change their minds.

3. Always have a contingency plan

Barring unforeseen circumstances, a real estate transaction is truly a hostage bargain. Having a plan B is important. If you represent a seller, you should have other offers ready. If you’re representing a buyer, you should have other houses they’re interested in.

Real Estate Negotiation Tip
11 Proven And Tested Real Estate Negotiation Tips To Win More Deals In 2022 5

Being an agent is tough. You are not representing your interests. They represent someone else’s.

You have a duty of loyalty. In other words, you cannot negotiate with your clients, even if you could have served them better elsewhere.

So your bargaining skills start outside the negotiation process by giving the seller or buyer more options. You may not be doing enough to represent 

4. Be Prepared to Leave

One of the most important real estate negotiation tips is to be prepared to walk away. But, as we said before, we need a willing buyer or seller to walk away. Unless you buy and sell yourself, they are the bosses at the end of the day.

Take the time to talk to your customers. Part of being an accomplished attorney is educating your clients about what realtors are available to you and what you should and shouldn’t do. When someone tries to shop in a full seller’s market, they must be realistic. If customers can wait until next year, they don’t want their money stolen. It might save you money, but it will later hurt your reputation.

5. Know the string you can pull

Do buyers care about closing costs? Are sellers afraid of having to do repairs or renovations? While negotiating a property, talk to other agents to see what’s important to them and what’s not. Listing agents can say up front that the seller will cover the closing costs. 

Alternatively, the buyer may need to be specific. Perhaps you’re worried about closing costs because of the cost of real estate, and what you need are concessions of any kind. The more you know, the more bargaining power you have. Over time, you’ll learn how people feel and what’s important to them.

6. Focus on relevant emotions

Selling a home is as important emotionally as it is financially. Never forget this when negotiating with buyers or sellers. If you are a real estate agent, you should know that potential buyers are likely to pay more if it is their “dream home.”If you are the buyer’s agent, sellers should know they can persuade sales by selling to ideal candidates. 

Negotiations are more than just financial transactions. The asking price is not fixed. You should always talk to everyone involved and focus on what matters most – whether both parties are happy with the deal. Many transactions were obtained through personal letters instead of cash. 

7. Be polite

There are hot selling places, but real estate isn’t one of them.

Interact several times with other agents in your area. You want to build a good relationship with them – and you don’t want to get a bad rap.

You must be a tough negotiator but maintain a polite and courteous demeanor. Let them know what you want from the deal, and let them know what they need.

Part of honing your negotiation skills is deciding how to decline an offer properly.

8. Negotiate face-to-face

Successful negotiations cannot be done over text. Face-to-face agreements for real estate purchases are essential. If not in person, at least by phone.

Most negotiation skills don’t translate well to text. Even when a deal is going well, it’s too easy for the other party to think things over and question themselves.

Real Estate Negotiation
11 Proven And Tested Real Estate Negotiation Tips To Win More Deals In 2022 6

When negotiating face-to-face, you can read the gestures and facial expressions of the other party. Confidence and body language improve your negotiation skills.

9. Get professional help

Not all real estate agents start as good negotiators. Also, many realtors have always felt they are not good at negotiating.

As such, you may wish to pursue additional degrees. Contact a certified negotiation expert. Find out about the new negotiation format. Learn from the pros. There are seminars, lessons, and courses you can take to improve the strength of your negotiating strategy. 

Working with a real estate negotiation expert can help you discover new tactics and build confidence. Contact us today!

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