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Land Fun Facts

There are a lot of available lands to buy which makes it easier to invest in. You can find a lot of land sellers now and they are very much willing to offer you vacant lands. you may even have more than one option per seller. But, before anything else, you may need to learn about these land fun facts first.

Land Fun Facts

How much does a plot survey cost in Nigeria?

The least cost of a registered survey of a plot of land is N350,000(Three hundred and fifty thousand naira).

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How do I buy land in Nigeria?

1. Find the land for sale that you need
2. Dig into the smaller details
3. Get your financing in order
4. Make an offer to the seller in writing
5. Deliver the deposit
6. Get environmental tests done
7. Look into a survey
8. Check over the title
9. Have a final tour on the land
10. Get ready to pay
11. Get your hands on the deed.

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How deep are property markers buried?

At the time they were placed in the ground, the top of the marker was at or just below the surface. Final grading and landscaping, however, buries the survey pins deeper into the soil. By the time you’ll need to look for them, property markers are typically 6-10” underground.

Can you lease land for farming?

Farmers and ranchers seeking land have many leasing options for renting tillable acreage or pasture for livestock. Depending on the type of lease agreement you settle on, you may either rent outright or pay the landowner a share of the profits made from the venture.

How many land for sale in Nigeria are available?

There are 179,112 listings and 16,577 available land for sale in Nigeria.


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