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Low-Income Earner? Get Yourself A Cheap Mini Flat For Rent in Lagos This 2022!

Posted by support on February 2, 2022

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Mini flat for rent in Lagos? Does it ring any bells? These are small apartments with a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Mini flats typically go for 50 square meters or less in size. The popularity of mini flats nowadays is surging. The population growth per day around the globe calls for more living space. Small living houses are a great solution for this, especially in Nigeria–thus prompting more demands for a mini flat for rent in Lagos

Given the small lot size of the apartment, mini flats are cheaper than your ordinary apartments. Affordable rentals are on-trend for anyone, financially stable or not. Take note that small doesn’t mean cramped, messy, or ugly. The minimalism trends worldwide, claiming the “Less is More” craze. 

The Perfect People for Mini Flats for Rent in Lagos

Solo Living

Well, there are many reasons why living alone can be good for you. For people in their 20s to 30s, living alone helps you improve your maturity and overall personality. You can actively pursue your passion because you are in control. Living alone will let you embrace life and find fulfillment in simple things. The best benefit of living alone is learning how to budget your money. Financial independence tends to make you wiser in life decisions. Lastly, living alone doesn’t mean lonely. They are more connected to people and socially active. 

Small Family

Mini flats are perfect for your partner and child. These small apartments can accommodate the three of you through the years. Betting for mini flats will save you money and help your family. The popularity of small houses inspired house furniture manufacturers to design and create pieces for small spaces. It makes family houses especially, to still be efficient and comfortable. 

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Why Rent a Mini Flat in Lagos?


You are not just saved from high rental costs in mini flats. The cost reduction also applies to maintenance and energy cost! Having a small space have less need for appliances and lights. Moreover, your limited space prompts you to buy the most important stuff for your home. You won’t want to buy things that will cramp up your space. Mini flats influence people to for quality over quantity. 

Perfect for solo living

Why buy or rent a 60-square-meter house and lot when you live in mini flats? Mini flats are more effective and perfect for people who live alone. Some property for rent in Lagos is costly for people who lives alone. Save your money and look for a mini flat for rent in Lagos instead. 

Productive space

Mini flats are incredibly small, so organizing your stuff can be challenging. Nevertheless, mini flats let you use all the space available in your home. It will not look cramped and messy because furniture made for small spaces is now available. It is even more in trend nowadays, not just for small spaces. Mini flats allow you to take advantage of all the spaces and make them useful. 

Self-Contained Vs. Mini Flat: Which One Should You Choose?

The decision between a self-contained apartment and a tiny flat ultimately comes down to two factors: your family situation and your budget. A self-contained unit is great for a young single man or woman who isn’t making much money yet and has no plans to start a family in the next months or years. Self-contained apartment complexes are frequently located near major commercial centers in active regions, making them ideal for employees who need to get to work fast. Self-contained tenants are usually happy with the lack of room, and they don’t spend nearly as much time in the kitchen as those who do.

Interior Shot Of A Modern House Dining Room With Art On The Wall Free Photo

On the other hand, a mini-flat is better suited to the needs of people who require more room in their living circumstances and can afford it. A mini-flat is ideal for a couple with two children, but it can also be a nice home for a family with one child. The kitchen is also a wonderful feature because there won’t be any food odors in the bedroom. In comparison to a self-contained apartment, a mini-flat provides significantly greater space. On the other hand, a mini-flat is less expensive than a separate property and can serve as an excellent stepping stone toward independent living.

Whether you buy to live or invest, a mini flat is a good pick for your real-estate assets. The list of real estate developers in Lagos includes various mini flats in their listings today. Pick the best mini flat for rent in Lagos today with PListHub. Truly experience what Lagos has to offer right outside your doorstep with our mini flats listings. PListHub provides you with a modern design from floor to ceiling and stylish lighting for your mini flats. Connect with us to help you choose your dream and budget-friendly mini flats. 

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