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Filling Station Fun Facts

A filling station is one of the wisest commercial investments, whether you purchased the actual business or the land it sits on. Investing in commercial property has its own usual challenges and considerations. So, it is important to take a look at these filling station fun facts first. 

Filling Station Fun Facts

How many filling stations are in Nigeria?

There are 2,744 listings and 194 available filling stations in Nigeria.


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How much does a filling station cost in Nigeria?

The average price of filling stations for sale in Nigeria is ₦200,000,000.

What is the profit margin on petrol?

For a normal petrol pump, the profit margin shows 1.8% or so as a whole. It means selling of 1 liter of petrol incurs Rs. 1.8 profit margin. If for example a pump sells 400 Kilo-litre fuel and makes revenue of 10Lac.

What is the minimum land requirement for petrol pump?

Applicant(s) offering plot measuring minimum frontage of 90 metres and area of 2.4 Acres. Crossing and should be at least ONE (1) KM away from the nearest existing retail outlet on the same side. the plot of land. Tax clearance, Non-encumbrance certificate, etc.

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