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The Ultimate Guide: Elevate Your Apartment Like a Pro This 2023 (Without Breaching Your Lease)

Posted by support on January 19, 2023

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Want to upgrade your apartment? There are a couple of (very) amazing ideas in this guide, and they are all incredibly easy and affordable.

It might be challenging to make your flat feel like “home.” The majority of leases forbid large renovations or alterations. Naturally, this serves as a reminder of how alienating an apartment can be. (sigh) Nevertheless, you can still do many things to design an apartment that showcases your unique sense of style without upsetting your landlord. 

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The Ultimate Guide: Elevate Your Apartment Like A Pro This 2023 (Without Breaching Your Lease) 5

Below are the greatest ways to upgrade a rental flat without breaking your lease.

You Can “Re-Tile” Your Kitchen With Vinyl Stickers.

Particularly these days, many rentals have a strong college dorm vibe. They have a prefab, mass-produced feeling. The worst culprits here are modern apartment kitchens. Vinyl stickers are a simple solution to change your kitchen’s floor or backsplash if you don’t like them (which is likely the case).

These decals are made to be applied straight to your wall or floor. They come in a range of patterns and designs and resemble genuine tiles. You can remove the stickers without harming the original surface when you’re prepared to go.

This is not just a simple solution to hide a bad kitchen; you can also use these stickers to give a splash of color to an otherwise neutral room. Search for vinyl stickers online, and you can find them anywhere. Despite this, Etsy boasts an excellent range of hip and reasonably priced stickers independent artists make.

As a bonus, peel-and-stick wallpaper can also help make an area feel more personalized.

Using hanging fabric to add texture in apartment.

Many tenants opt not to paint the walls of a rental unit. Even if your landlord permits it, painting can be a major inconvenience if you don’t intend to live in the apartment for an extended period.

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The Ultimate Guide: Elevate Your Apartment Like A Pro This 2023 (Without Breaching Your Lease) 6

So here’s a hack: hang gorgeous fabric pieces! It’s a fantastic way to add some life to your room without painting or making significant wall holes. You may even decide to suspend your fabric from the ceiling to achieve a sophisticated draped impression. Push pins or staples make it simple to hang fabric, and it’s simple to take down when you’re ready to move.

Increase Life with Plants

A small amount of greenery can suddenly make a room feel cozier! Whether you prefer tiny succulents, tasteful hanging plants, or enormous ferns, there are plants for every climate and dwelling. Do you want to be in charge of maintaining the lives of living things? The good news is that you can buy artificial plants that don’t need any upkeep. Although fake plants won’t do much for you, they look lovely!

Replace the fixtures

When upgrading your space, simple things can matter. To make an apartment more representative of your style, think about changing out accessories like light switch covers, drawer pulls, and doorknobs.

Making this conversion is advantageous to the landlord because all of these fixtures are simple to replace when you eventually move out. Fixtures can be found in any home improvement store, as well as in flea markets and antique shops. (Plus, there are actual advantages to buying used!)

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The Ultimate Guide: Elevate Your Apartment Like A Pro This 2023 (Without Breaching Your Lease) 7

Obtain New Blinds

Many rental homes have cheap white blinds that might start to crack or look ugly after a while (again, college dorm vibes! ). Your flat will suddenly feel more upscale and modern if these blinds are taken down and replaced with something different.

Regular blinds operate similarly to bamboo blinds. However, bamboo blinds are significantly more robust (and casually chic). If you want to block off light, you can replace your blinds with curtains.

LED strips can add additional light.

One of the simplest ways to alter how your apartment feels is to add or move light sources. Choose the perfect light source for your desired mood to use light to make your environment feel bigger, cozier, or brighter. The main issue is that if you rent an apartment, you might only sometimes be able to change the room’s fixed lighting fixtures.

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LED strips are a fantastic method to add light to various areas of your residence! They come in several hues, and some models let you use your smartphone to adjust the light’s brightness and tone. These lights look especially nice behind works of art or underneath shelves and cabinets!

Mirrors will make the space larger.

Consider the following in relation to illuminating the area with some visual effects. Mirrors may help your room feel lighter and more spacious! Mirrors’ ability to reflect light creates the appearance of space. Even tiny mirrors can significantly change the atmosphere of your home.

Despite that, you can still create a homey atmosphere in a rental property!

 These minor adjustments are simple ways to give your area a more contemporary and attractive vibe without violating your agreement or upsetting your landlord.

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