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Commercial Properties Fun Facts

Are you planning to buy a commercial property? That’s a good investment then! But, to help you further, here are some commercial properties fun facts that you check. Hopefully, the following will help you decide what property you want to buy from our listing.

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What qualifies as a commercial property?

Commercial property is real estate that is used for business activities. Commercial property usually refers to buildings that house businesses, but can also refer to land used to generate a profit, as well as large residential rental properties.

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Is an apartment building a commercial property?

Though they may exist in traditional residential zoning, apartment buildings absolutely qualify as a commercial investment.

How do you value commercial property?

To calculate the value of a commercial property using the Gross Rent Multiplier approach to valuation, simply multiply the Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) by the gross rents of the property. To calculate the Gross Rent Multiplier, divide the selling price or value of a property by the subject’s property’s gross rents.

What is the best commercial real estate investment?

Properties that are capable of bringing in the highest return on investments are typically those with the highest number of tenants. These properties include RV parks, apartment complexes, student housing, office buildings, and storage facilities.

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