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Land Banking: Benefits of Raw Land Investment in Lagos, Nigeria

Posted by support on September 14, 2021

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If you are coming across the idea of raw land investment for the first time, you probably have one question: what is it? And closely followed by, “should I invest in it?”

Does land appreciate? Categorically and objectively speaking, there are two simple reasons why raw land investment is an appreciating asset: limited supply and increasing demand. In a world where the population increases exponentially, the finite amount of land available makes it an even more attractive commodity. Concerning the fundamental law of economics for supply and demand, raw land will inherently increase as demand grows for the limited asset. You no longer need to ask whether or not land appreciates. Instead, how much it will appreciate.

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Should You Consider Land Banking a Better Investment Opportunity than other Forms of Investment?

Risks and rewards always come after with any investment deal, whether it involves raw land or not. It indeed goes without saying. However, when you master these keys: understanding your exit strategy, and weighing your options before any decision, there, you are good to go. Spending time to research can define your success with raw land investment. On the other hand, the current conditions of the market, demand for housing, mortgage rates, local economy, and new housing construction will all play a critical role in determining how you will benefit from your raw land investment.   For investors like you, six advantages associated with raw land investment include:

1. Easy to Acquire

2. Little-to-no competition

3. Low cost to own and maintain

4. Potential for a quick profit

5. Flexibility to build or hold

6. Potential for passive income

Indeed, the benefits of raw land investing cannot be achieved without due diligence on the investor’s behalf. When we talked about diligence, you are solely responsible for determining if the actual land is financially viable. Take note; numbers never lie—they can always forecast whether your investment is worth it or not.

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Issues to Consider When it Comes to Land Investment

While you are all hooked on ways to invest in raw land, issues that may arise before getting started should not be undermined. Let’s take into consideration the restrictions of the land. Things like:

  1. How you will gain access to utilities.
  2. How remote the property is.
  3. How much property tax expenses will be

Answers lie before how investors can use the law considering the property’s physical features—whether or not your land lies on a flood plain.

Another alert: investing in row crop and livestock come with additional responsibilities. You know, market fluctuations, lousy weather,, and crop disease can put your investment into the graveyard. These factors could negate the profits of those using the land. To avoid these pitfalls, you might expose yourself to agricultural investments and learn how to evaluate these land types.

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Generate Remarkable Income Before You Sell

More often than not, this kind of investment comes with legality issues. For example, mineral rights—who can profit from this resource on the property? Relax, there are regulations for natural resources such as water flow to the area. Consider yourself lucky since you can obtain all this information before purchasing the property. Any raw land investment requires due diligence and patience.

Moreover, investors who acquaint themselves with the topic can gain enough confidence to begin and the expertise required to succeed. It is never too late. Today’s the best time to learn how to finance a raw land investment or sleep. Spend some time researching the best type of land to buy and determine how to keep going after investing in land or eat.

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Hop on Best Invesment Schemes of All Time

Investing in land for sale in Lagos comes with a certain degree of risk. It has no exception. Amidst trying times, educate yourself in raw land investing. Not only will you gain enough confidence to begin but also the expertise needed to succeed. With lots of land for sale in Lagos, Nigeria, it is not too late to learn how to finance a raw land investment. Start by researching the best type of land to buy, then investing will follow. 

These steps could help you unlock sizable profit margins from an underutilized real estate investing strategy. Talk to us

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